Howard University President Keynote Speaker for Sickle Cell Conference

Greetings from Sickle Cell Partners of the Carolinas! We are excited to share news regarding, “Sickle Cell Disease… Let’s Talk About It,” our 4th annual day conference designed for patients, families and the community at large to learn more about sickle cell disease and to build awareness about this hereditary condition. We are pleased to announce our keynote luncheon speaker! Howard University President, Wayne A.I. Frederick MD, MBA, will bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and personal experience with this hereditary condition.

Dr. Frederick has not only served in the capacity of treating and researching illness, he is a man living and thriving with sickle cell disease like many of you. Please make sure you join us for an engaging, informative and robust conversation as we discuss the health and well-being of patients living with sickle cell disease and the vast community of family and caregivers who care deeply about sickle cell patients.

Dr. Frederick serves as the 17th President of Howard University and is also recognized as a distinguished researcher and surgeon. His dedication to Howard University began as a young teen when he was admitted to the university at the age of 16. After receiving numerous degrees from Howard and working in the medical field, he returned to his alma mater where he served in a number of roles before ascending to President of Howard University.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 8am to 2pm at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Conference Center in Charlotte. An early bird special rate of $5 is now available through Eventbrite to purchase tickets.  Sickle Cell Partners of the Carolinas looks forward to welcoming you and your family to  “Sickle Cell Disease…. Let’s Talk About It.”  See the attached flyer and please help us spread the word about this event.

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  1. My name is Tiffany L Robertson, i have sickle Cell disease, ive ben suffering With this sickness FOR a long Time. I Live With this sickness My adult Life, i have been fighting all My Life. Buit rigut now Im trying to host an event on this disease Im looking FOR sponsors to help me host a bike a thon in My home town and to Start a saving FOR Family that cant get they child medicines. So please i prat that someone can help me. Please calles me FOR more Information. 9124671300

    • Tiffany,

      Where would the bike-a-thon be held and who are the recipients of the bikes? Sickle Cell Partners of the Carolinas is a non-profit support organization for patients and families affected by sickle cell disease, but we cannot help with medicines. It may be best to reach out to the state agency in your area who may be able to help with your medicine issue. Where are you located?

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