Our Mission of Support Continues

The end of the year that brings cooler temperatures and a rise in pain episodes for patients affected by Sickle Cell Disease is now upon us. Please keep in mind one of the goals of SCPOC is to support patients where we can in their time of need. One way we will do this is by providing quilts to hospitalized patients upon request. These quilts were made by the loving hands of the Quilting Ministry at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. The Quilting Ministry partnered with SCPOC and provided these quilts, which are beautiful works of art,  to our organization at our annual conference, “Sickle Cell Disease… Let’s Talk About It” in September. If you or a loved one has been hospitalized as a result of complications with sickle cell, please reach out to SCPOC at sicklecellpartners@gmail.com so that we can provide you with one of these beautiful quilts. It is our hope that the quilts will provide comfort and to let you know there is a community of hands praying for your healing and wellness.

Quilts on Display at Sickle Cell Conference:


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