Sickle Cell Partners of the Carolinas…. We Have Partners In Our Name Because We Can’t Do It Alone!

Sickle Cell Disease…. it’s a hard job educating the community about this condition and raising awareness to a broader audience. It’s one of the reasons why SCPOC has “partners” in its name because we cannot do it alone nor do we try to! Just this week in fact, SCPOC was invited to take part in a Soul Food Session where members of the community came together to eat delicious food and learn more about sickle cell disease. It was an honor to be invited and even more, it was a lot of fun to feast on foods that came from the continent of Africa which was made by some very talented chefs! From the drinks to the main course to the desserts it was a great evening! And then there was a day like today, where SCPOC reached out to our community partners at Novant Health and Carolinas Healthcare. They will help us give away those beautiful quilts I have been talking about that were donated to SCPOC during our conference. These quilts were meant to provide comfort for those patients who are hospitalized and we are glad to have help in this important mission. If you share our mission of raising awareness, educating the community, providing support and advocating for a cure, we welcome your partnership on an idea or event to make a better world for patients and families affected by sickle cell disease. You can reach us


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