“I’m Small But I’m Strong”

By N. Hampton

When you see my stature, don’t doubt my strength
When you see my pain, don’t doubt my endurance
When you see my crisis, don’t doubt my peace
When you see my face, remember this…
I’m Small but I am Strong.
I am an Overcomer
I am a Conqueror
I am a Hero
I am Healed
I have Sickle Cell Disease…It doesn’t have me!

We welcome your tax-exempt donation or services that will enhance the lives of patients affected by Sickle Cell Disease. Our organization exists to “partner” with anyone working to better the lives of patients and families affected by this hereditary illness.

  • Your donation will allow us to help someone in need affected by Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Your donation will help us to increase awareness in our community
  • Your donation will allow us to provide educational tools for our community through the SCPOC Peggy Beckwith Scholarship
  • Your donation will help our efforts to advocate for a cure for Sickle Cell Anemia



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